Traveling solo with your ADHD kid? Don’t miss these tips!

Traveling solo with your ADHD kid? Don't miss these tips!

I have been traveling with my son since he was 3 months old. Needless to say I have learned a LOT about traveling with a child with ADHD. Many trips were solo, with just me, him, and his ADHD.

Recently, I had the opportunity to write for Solo Mom Takes Flight with some tips I have learned in my travels.

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Travel is hard with any child, but when traveling with a child with ADHD you get used to the irritated fellow travelers and grumbling of passengers as your restless child runs up and down the aisle and talks non stop. When you are traveling solo with your ADHD child, it’s a completely different experience. You don’t have a partner there to help and offload some of the burden, so you have no choice but to be organized.

Here are some tips for travel with children with ADHD I’ve learned through my adventures with my ADHD son and daughter.

Expect the Unexpected During Travel With An ADHD Child

Minimize the Potential for Problems

Accept Help When It’s Offered

Plan and Prepare

Other Travel Tips For ADHD Kids

Let Them Release Energy Whenever Possible

Take A Deep Breath

If all else fails, remember you will likely never see these people again.

Read the full story for all the tips here.

Also, check out my story with tips about traveling with a child with dyslexia (which many ADHD children also have).




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