STEM Easter Ideas

STEM Easter Ideas

Thanks to some giving teachers at my children’s school, who volunteer their time, both my kids take part in lunchtime Science Club. This means our weekend activities will have a strong STEM Easter theme. For those who didn’t know STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineer and Math.

For science-minded Easter Bunnies here are some great STEM ideas:

Easter Catapult A few popsicle, rubber bands and a plastic spoon and you can create your own Easter Egg catapult to fire Easter Eggs across the room! We also tend to use Legos instead of popsicle sticks, but that adds another level of challenge for kids.

Mood Color Changing Eggs Since so much of Easter is pastel and fuzzy bunnies, and his sister will get origami bunny butts, I try to find something my son will enjoy. This year he will be making Mood Color Changing Eggs. I can’t believe how easy it is and all the supplies should be available at your local hobby/craft store.

A House for a Peep What could be more fun than taking some toothpicks and Mike and Ikes (Jelly beans or mini marshmallows) to make a house for a Peep? Children learn engineering and they get to play with their food at the same time! We do it with marshmallows, but it’s the same effect!

Peeps Experiments Ever wonder how heat effects peeps? How about making slime out of peeps? The masterminds at Little Bins for Little hands has everything you need to experiment with peeps this Easter.

Peeps! Made into slime!

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Pipe Cleaner Salt Crystals One of the best things about this project is that it’s super simple. All the ingredients are found in most households and it’s easy and safe for children of all ages, including young kids.

We enjoyed growing crystals this week too!

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Bunny head crystal This is similar to the salt crystals, but different. The most notable is the crystals are much larger. The other note is that it’s made with Borax, which can be found in the detergent aisle of most grocery stores and many households who love slime likely have.

Easter Egg Rockets No matter how many ways we blow up things my kids still find it so exciting! Again simple things around the house (plastic egg that breaks in half, alka-seltzer and water) and you have hours of fun for all ages.

Glowing Bouncing Eggs We have made rubber eggs and my kids have loved showing them off. We have never made glowing rubber eggs though! We will be trying this one for Easter.

Want to turn all these STEM Easter activities into a game? Use STEM Challenge cards and let each child pick one and have to complete it before they can pick another. Download the free printable here.


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