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Spring Skiing with Kids

It’s been awhile since I have gone spring skiing. Back in my days with the CHOM ski team, we loved spring skiing. It would warm up enough you didn’t have to worry about frostbite, the sun warmed your face as you barreled down the hill and the après-ski couldn’t be matched.

After my kids successful snowboarding lesson they decided they needed to ski a bit more to make sure those skills were still sharp. So we kicked off Spring Break 2018 with another trip back to Morin Heights. Of course the kids hockey schedule meant we could only go late Saturday, but we lucked out that they have night skiing ONLY on Saturday nights!

There were no lessons, just straight to the hills. As a mom I felt worried about their safety, especially at night. As a mom of an ADHD kid I felt worried I would find my kids in a tree! Not to mention all that lovely sun meant we didn’t know what to expect for snow conditions on the hill.

We decided to throw caution to the wind and give it a go.

What a time we had!


The kids loves the skiing and my husband loved not freezing going down the hill. I loved that there was less people on the hills than usual Saturdays, therefore less people to run into my kids or vice versa.

The kids loved the spaghetti dinner that was included in our $37 lift pass and rental deal, but could barely stay off the hills long enough to eat.

My kids are hockey kids and have a lot of stamina, but towards the end of the night when I saw my wee one coming down the hill on not too steady legs I knew it was time to go. We had gotten there at 3 and left around 8:30. Even with supper we spent around 4 hours on the hill and the kids thankfully were so tired they were happy to go.

The only thing my tired kids were upset about was that the snow may be gone by the time we get back from our Spring Break trip. So I promised them we would return next Spring. Hopefully we’ll luck out with the snow and some great pass deals again!

Onto my favorite part of the night. The après-ski.

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Paige McEachren worked for 15+ years as a Corporate Communications Manager for world-leading technology and Pharmaceutical companies until she decided to leave the workplace and stay at home to help her two kids navigate life.

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